GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!
We are also the proud founders of an adventure fitness retreats company called New Horizon Escapes. New Horizon offers sun, fun & fitness in the most beautiful and tropical destinations on earth. Wether you're a yogi, boot camper, kick boxer, runner, or just a super active person - New Horizon is here to offer a variety of activities suitable for everyone -  both indoor & outdoors. Come and join us on a little fitness & travel adventure in paradise🌴 Let's connect on - Instagram @newhorizonescapes
- Koh Tao (island) - Thailand
- Koh Samui (island) - Thailand
-Bali (island) - Indonesia
Sri Lanka - 2018
Kenya - 2018
Watch one of our Escapes below and we hope to see some of your lovely faces away on one of our active escapes. 
My Mantra Active + New Horizon Active Escapes