Our Story

Hi! Welcome to My Mantra. We’d love to introduce ourselves.


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Our Brand 


At My Manta, we dress for adventure. We are using recycled plastic bottles, and other recycled materials, to create our activewear. Inspired by the travel you will do in our activewear, we are creating the type of products we love to adventure in. A fit you’ll love, in a print you’ll love, made with love for our planet - so we can keep travelling and discovering. 


At My Mantra, we believe that every BODY is beautiful. We are a tribe of women that support and uplift each other. Photoshop is not welcome here. So, here’s to the women that will wear our activewear cliff jumping, by a campfire, or on a beach clean. The women who are not afraid to go solo and get lost. The kind that love a one-way-ticket. 

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Our Story 


It all started when Ina moved nearly four years ago - leaving London life behind to live and work on a small island in Thailand. Inspired by the island lifestyle, she came up with the idea of My Mantra Active. Ina launched 8 pairs of leggings 8 months later (from a hotel room in India). 


Over the last few years, more and more lines have been added to the collection. The brand has grown, alongside its founder. My Mantra's logo evolved from a delicate butterfly to a strong and empowering "MM", representing strong, active and adventurous women who care about our environment. 


eco friendly active wear uk 

Our Eco Mission 


We believe that our oceans are for skinny dipping, surfing, and snorkelling. Our island are for white sand, palm trees and cocktails sipped in a hammock. But somehow, we ended up with islands made of plastic, harming our health and wildlife. It is time for change. 


We are not perfect yet, but we’re trying. Our target is to be fully ethical by the end of the year. The first step we’ve taken on our sustainability journey was to change our fabric. Our swim & activewear are now made from recycled plastic and other recycled materials. We don’t use plastic for the packaging of our products, instead we use spare bits of bikini fabric to individually “wrap” orders – less waste and better for the ocean. 

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Our Team 


Ina is the heart and soul of this business, also known as our founder. She can be found running adventure active escapes around the world for New Horizon Escapes, My Mantra’s sister company. Our mantra, dress for adventure, is inspired by these escapes. She travels the world and lives on the road with her partner in life, love, and business, and their little girl Malia (adventurer-to-be). Oh and she’s a Black Belt, no big deal. 

Connect with Ina on Instagram - @chasingfreedomdaily

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Charlotte is the team’s story teller and facilitator (or content writer and executive assistant, if you prefer corporate labels). Charlotte is Ina’s head cheerleader, who spends her time writing Ina’s ideas into action and bringing her vision to life. She is also a corporate lawyer by training, but we won’t talk about that. 

Connect with Charlotte on Instagram - @alifeafterfive


Denis is the team’s photographer and videographer. When Ina has a vision, and Charlotte writes the story, Denis brings it to life with images. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Connect with Denis on Instagram - @dennis_plesca


Lilia is the team’s production manager. She is in charge of getting your order to you in the perfect package. Don't be surprised if your envelope has a little handwritten reminder on it or if you find a little surprise included. Lilia loves to show you some love. Her favourite season is Christmas, maybe because of the gift wrapping, and definitely because of it is the only season Ina is home.

Lilia doesn't have an IG account, but you can send her a virtual hi5 for being awesome.